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Connections With Spirit is owned by Margaret West, a lady of many talents. You can find her website here At Connections with spirit, we offer you training in many different practitioner courses and also many other metaphysical studies. The workshops are designed to not only enlighten you, but also to financially help those she considers are voiceless, with profits from the workshops. Margaret works full time as an alternative Therapist, and this she considers is her income to pay the bills. Profit from the workshops, after paying the facilitators etc, is donated. The prices for our workshops are reasonable and competitive, and we like to think that we give each one our personal touch of beauty and laughter. Cake is always on offer at lunchtimes, as we feel no one should learn without a good slice of cake to fortify them!! We use a few facilitators, who are excellent in their field, but mainly Margaret does all the teaching. So you can be assured that the quality of our courses are always top notch.We also have stalls at the workshops where you can buy beautiful jewellery and Holistic Crystal pendants, which Margaret makes herself. Each pendant is an active crystal that will help with various conditions of the mind, body and spirit.Emma King is Connections with spirit's event manager, events organiser and Personal Assistant to Margaret West. She will be your main port of call for any questions you have or booking details that you may need for any workshops or development circles. Please do add Emma Reiki King and Margaret West to your facebook/twitter friends list to keep up to date with all the workshops and news. We promise not to bother you unless you contact us first for information. Emma's email is connectionswithspiritworkshops(at)hotmail(dot)comWe like to be interactive with students and people, so do feel free to leave any feedback about circles or workshops you have attended. Or just pop by and say hello or ask a question. We will always try to reply promptly.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


As we grow closer to the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, we have discovered that time is energy which waits for no one. So what is energy and why is it so important? There is nothing in physical form or in the Spirit ether that is not energy in one form or another.

Energy is a non-physical substance. It is both seen and unseen. It is light and it is dark, free flowing, often collecting in room corners and becoming stagnant. It is the only mass that is never ignored by those of us in the linear or spiritual realm. Words, thoughts emotions are created by energy. This explains why, when a person dies, their personality lives on. Energy can never be extinguished.

There are people who are very sensitive to energy. They are called mediums or sensitive’s. They can feel or sense how a person is feeling or what kind of mood they are in through email, text or just looking at them. I am an Angelic Reiki Practitioner. I work on the subtle energy vibrations of the angels, who are sentient beings of light and energy. An Angel is capable of being everywhere in every moment. If you don’t believe in angels, have an Holistic treatment with me. Angelic energy is unique and quite tangible to everyone.

Energy is an important component of all living things. It is also the sole componant of the spirit world. Spirit Orbs are energy. When we shed the vehicle that houses our energy, the body, we are free to be in any place we choose at the blink of an eye.

Energy is everywhere because everything is made from it.


  1. AS Mr Spock would say, 'Fascinating." My spiritual tradition calls them Spirit Guides.

    Love that last line!

  2. Hi Margaret
    Energy is both light and dark. There is nothing and all is energy :)