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Monday, 14 June 2010

Intuition. What is it?

Let’s Talk about intuition.

Above the rational mind and below the soul realm is an intermediary plane of consciousness that I call the intuitional. It is very difficult to characterize this realm, because it transcends mental concepts but is still not a realm of being like the soul. The intuitional plane is the "highest" or most subtle and universal part of the created worlds. Although God and souls are the truly creative agents of the universe, we could say that the process of creating begins with the intuition and then moves to concepts, feeling responses, images and shapes, and finally physical manifestation. Thus intuition is a key to initiating creativity..

What exactly is this I hear you ask?
Well the only way I can explain it is that it’s the inner feelings that guide you in your life. Because the intuitional realm transcends the mind, it is often thought of as unconscious. This has nothing to do with emotional feelings that tell you what you feel regarding situations or relationships. Your emotions for example can be telling you that you are very attracted to someone, that you really like them and that you would really enjoy becoming involved and close to them while your intuition can be telling you NO WAY - BACK OFF. Intuitive feelings come from the larger, inner part of yourself.

Intuition does not consciously reason with logic in the mind, but rather directly perceives the vibrations of consciousness outside your own mind. Intuition does not just perceive on the intuitional level, it t can also discover things about the physical world, the astral plane, people's feelings and ideas by using psychic perception. Intuition can be flooded with creative inspiration directly from Spirit.

So now I know what it is, how can I develop it?
Many people are either not in touch with their intuition or are only partially in touch. Intuitive feelings are often subtle and fine, so if your life is very chaotic and busy, with no room for you to give yourself some quite quality time, then you will probably find your intuition difficult if not impossible to recognize.
The first thing you need to do is give yourself some time to relax. The second thing you need to do is learn to focus inwards. That is to become aware of what is happening inside of yourself. Most people don't do this. So, the first thing you must do is decide to get in touch with your inner you and find out what is happening there. Feel what you are feeling in different parts of your body, just breathe and BE. What are you feeling in your abdomen area? Your chest? Your upper legs? Is there tension, sadness, confusion? Is there nothing? Often there is nothing if you don't want to feel? So, then ask yourself why you don't want to feel?
This takes practice to do this and sometimes courage? I found books on meditation were a great help. Mediation puts you in touch with the inner you.

Where does intuition come from?
I believe (and it’s only MY belief, other people have their own) intuition initially comes from the soul. Now, as you are here with a particular agenda, then most of your intuition will be trying to keep you in alignment with this agenda, helping you to complete it.
Levels of Intuition.
1. You can be completely out of touch with your inner communication and have no intuition.
2. You can have intuition that comes from someone else. This focus could be from spiritual guidance and is for the most part may be driven by their agendas and affiliations and not your own.
3. Intuition that comes from you taking full responsibility for your path and your own decisions in forging that path. Here the primary focus is from yourself. Secondary focus will come from those YOU select as people who can support and help you in YOUR movement.
4. A deeper intuition arises as you integrate more and more with your soul. This happens concurrently as a deeper level of communion and wholeness arises within yourself.

Where does your intuition take you?
It will take you in alignment with the focus of what you want. If you don't particularly have a focus, or what you do have is not strong, then it may well be that your orientation comes from the higher spiritual guidance. I believe that people who blindly follow others have not done the basic growing necessary to make their own decisions and take responsibility for themselves. In these cases the primary focus should be on becoming secure and confident.