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Monday, 5 September 2011

What are elementals?

An elemental is considered a mythological being first appearing in the alchemical works of Paracelsus in the 16th century.

There are many types.
Gnomes, earth elementals
Undines, water elementals
Sylphs, air elementals
Salamanders, fire elementals.

So let’s talk about a couple of these fascinating, so called, mythical beings. A one is most certainly real as I have seen them for myself. The others, I can’t vouch for something I haven’t seen, yet I won’t discredit their existence either.

Undines are a personification of water. They are likened to sprites, nymphs and mermaids. The term Undine comes from the Latin root ‘unda’ which means ‘wave. As water/tides are governed by the moon, so are these etheric beings. They can be traced right back to ancient Greece times. Here they are recorded as being called Oceanides. It was said that they were the daughters of Titan and his wife Tethys. I’m not so sure I can akin them to Idol gods, as they are from the spiritual veil and belong to the one consciousness of that light. But many years ago their presence in the oceans was legendary among seafarers.
Undines unite to form an impenetrable energetic bond. Hence where the term that we get energy from the water comes from. Water contains a wealth of energy that, we as humans, can’t begin to comprehend. Just as molecules bond together to form one mass - the Undines unite their energies in a grand matrix that is water. Theoretically, that would mean when we drink water, we are consuming Undines. But as we are all basically etheric beings, made from energy, the undines energy unites with ours and as we are all formed from the one consciousness, it stands to reason that combination makes us stronger.
Think about it. When we work with spirit, we drink water to cleanse away residue vibration, when we are unwell, we are told to drink plenty of fresh water. Why is spring water so good for us? Would we be more honourable in our use of water if we knew we were interacting with beings from the light? I don't know, but it's something to think about.

Fairies have been maligned though history as being devious, ugly, untrustworthy, the cause of changelings ~ When a fairy substitutes its child for a humans. All quite valid perceptions in the realms of fantasy, I suppose. So what are fairies exactly? I can tell you what they are not. Little ladies, dresses in tutu’s with butterfly wings, pointing magic wands at all and sundry.
Fairies are not of this dimension, they are etheric beings living in the atmosphere of our planet and solar system. They help guide nature. Evolution of plant life has to be assigned to someone to nurture it. They are also known as tree elementals.
Fairies are actually likened to angels. They cannot be seen as a being, as they are composed of etheric energy that has no definitive shape in our dimension, they cannot communicate with us because they don’t understand us, but their energy reacts with ours and that’s why we get such enjoyment from parks and plant life. This again highlights the fact that we are all from the one consciousness and we will therefore always be uplifted when we come in contact with theses energies, because they are part of us. Fairies can be seen, usually by those who are clairvoyant. They look like little flecks of coloured or white light.
I have seen these lights for myself when sitting in my garden. I could see little lights around my face as I bent to tend my roses one afternoon. I flicked at them thinking they were bugs lol, only to be told by my guide that they were indeed fairies I was swatting away. I apologised of course and hoped that they were not too offended.
So the next time you are surrounded by flowers, send out a thought to the fairies who tend them. For without them the plants on the earth would have no direction or form and the world would be a colourless place.

Whatever you believe in, I have hopefully given you a little bit of evidence that some do exist. I hope to bump into someone else who can give me evidence the others do as well. For now I can’t say either way.