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Connections With Spirit is owned by Margaret West, a lady of many talents. You can find her website here At Connections with spirit, we offer you training in many different practitioner courses and also many other metaphysical studies. The workshops are designed to not only enlighten you, but also to financially help those she considers are voiceless, with profits from the workshops. Margaret works full time as an alternative Therapist, and this she considers is her income to pay the bills. Profit from the workshops, after paying the facilitators etc, is donated. The prices for our workshops are reasonable and competitive, and we like to think that we give each one our personal touch of beauty and laughter. Cake is always on offer at lunchtimes, as we feel no one should learn without a good slice of cake to fortify them!! We use a few facilitators, who are excellent in their field, but mainly Margaret does all the teaching. So you can be assured that the quality of our courses are always top notch.We also have stalls at the workshops where you can buy beautiful jewellery and Holistic Crystal pendants, which Margaret makes herself. Each pendant is an active crystal that will help with various conditions of the mind, body and spirit.Emma King is Connections with spirit's event manager, events organiser and Personal Assistant to Margaret West. She will be your main port of call for any questions you have or booking details that you may need for any workshops or development circles. Please do add Emma Reiki King and Margaret West to your facebook/twitter friends list to keep up to date with all the workshops and news. We promise not to bother you unless you contact us first for information. Emma's email is connectionswithspiritworkshops(at)hotmail(dot)comWe like to be interactive with students and people, so do feel free to leave any feedback about circles or workshops you have attended. Or just pop by and say hello or ask a question. We will always try to reply promptly.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My interpretation of the purpose in understanding and accepting life after death.

Ever since I was a child I always ‘felt’ something one was standing just behind me, or just on the border of my peripheral vision. It terrified me. As I matured the feelings seemed to go away and it wasn’t until my children were grown up that the ‘feelings’ returned.

If you had asked me what these feelings were, I couldn’t have put it into adequate words. It was as though someone was standing so close to me I could feel their breath, sense their thoughts. The hairs on the back of my neck would rise, but when I turned no one was there.

One night I was woken by my name being called. At first I thought it was my imagination and I went back to sleep, but within minutes the voice shouted again. In my sleep fogged state I thought it could be one of the children calling me. I didn’t realise at the time that they wouldn’t be calling me ‘Margaret.’ After I had checked the bedrooms and seen the children fast asleep, I became confused. I rationalised that it could have been my husband dreaming and calling out to me.

I went back to bed satisfied with my own explanation only to we woken again by the insistent calling. After a week of sleepless nights I told my mother, who had been a spiritualist for many years, what was happening. She told me it could be the disembodied voices of spirit people calling out to me. I didn’t actually believe her. Dead people couldn’t talk, never mind call out to me.

The voices continued to call out, especially at night. It would happen anywhere. While shopping, watching the TV or just when I was writing my novels. My name would be shouted out as clear as the birds singing outside my window. But I rationalised it as my imagination. I didn’t believe there was such a thing as life after death.

Finally, the calling became so insistent that I had to confront it. So, albeit reluctantly, I went to a spiritualist church. Once there I was incredulous to discover I was sitting with a group of people who had similar experiences as me. I thought my purpose for being there was to understand what the voices were and why they were calling out to me. I think the higher purpose was for me to understand how to use the psychic gifts I already had.

The greatest way to combat fear is to confront it. I was scared to admit there could be life after death, because that would mean that ghosts did in fact exist. But there is a saying, “Knowledge is a gift to be admired.” Over the years I've gained a lot of knowledge and now I'm no longer afraid, just very intrigued.