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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A word in your ear

Whilst I agree there are mediums out there who are not as good as others, I do think it would be better to give them your support so they can have the confidence to grow, rather than discerning faces and grumbles. In the 25 years I have been servicing churches, I’ve had people ask me to ‘get my mum, tell me where she died, how she died, so on and so forth. Mediums are not here to prove to anyone the spirit world exists, they are just spiritual telephones that relay messages from loved ones. Sometimes it’s not the medium who can’t get the link that night, it maybe the spirit person who gets confused. So if a medium stumbles, or doesn’t give a message that’s taken, isn’t it better to grateful they gave their time trying to work with spirit? Not many mediums stand on that platform and get paid. I certainly don’t. I give my time freely because of my love for spirit. I work two jobs, I get tired. Yet I service churches, teach Psychic Development from home and run circles after work. Not because I’m a saint, but because of my love of spirit.

I hear grumbles from people who say that good mediums are rare. That is not true. I know many. I am very sad when I hear people moaning that the SNU churches are a waste of time, when so many good souls give their time to help others. As for quality of evidence, why not just be happy your loved one came through? Do you need to know they died of a heart attack on June the 6th? Or the cancer all over their body gave them great pain before they passed? NO. You know that already. Why would they come to tell you what you already know? It’s hard for them to come into our vibration and their link is limited to our physical time. They want to tell you what THEY feel. Such as they love you very much and sat beside you when you were crying...that’s the comfort/healing you need. Not cold forensic evidence.

If you have ever worked on platform you would know how nervous a medium is when they stand up and look at all those expectant faces. I feel physically ill every time, because I know I have such a responsibility to those people. Whilst I am not saying some mediums don’t get a little ahead of themselves, it’s only mostly through enthusiasm and excitement that spirit is talking/working through them.

When someone says a medium is working from the ego, it is very harsh. Before you judge, widen your spiritual world. Don’t say EVERY snu church is bad, until you have visited them all. If you see a medium you think is ‘bad’ ask yourself what you can do to help them. Send out a healing thought. ‘Help this medium tonight’ make your thoughts constructive, instead of destructive. There is a very old saying. ‘Don’t judge me until you have walked in my shoes’. We mediums need your love and understanding, not derision. That doesn’t nurture the spirit in anyway.

I hope I don’t sound too harsh, that’s not my intention. BUT, you must remember that everything we say and do has consequences. In the yin and yang of things, every action has a positive and negative reaction. So I hope you will take this as a positive reaction from me.


  1. It is so sad that many people feel that way. I agree they need to walk in a mediums shoes to really understand how spirits work with you all to get their love and comfort messages through. I think that when you attend a Spiritualist Church hoping to get a message from someone in sprit you need to go with an open mind, loving thoughts and give thanks even if you aren't lucky enough to recieve a message.

  2. This is something I know nothing about, but what i do know is you have a good heart Mags, hang on in there. If there is a spirit world it is bound to be hard to comunicate, lets face it we mostly find it hard to talk to people we can see and seldom say the things that realy matter or make others feel good. Most of us are inclined to focus on our own needs and feelings befor that of others. I would imagin that many people try to contact spirits to salve their own wounds when maybe it is the spirits that need to be absolved and are lonely? If I where a spirit I think I would find it hard to explain without being able to reach out and touch a loveones arm in reasurance and may not come forward at all. Maybe that was all a bit random, I knew where i was going when I started writing.

  3. Thats true carole. Spirit people get very upset when they see their loved ones in pain. They communicate by vibration, so when they get upset sometimes they can't get across what they mean. People become jaded as life passes by, I understand that. But maybe mediums get disillusioned too sometimes.After all, we are human and have feelings too.

    Yes, pat. Open mind and full heart. thats all thats needed.

  4. This is very well written and very true maggs! And you are so right about the forensic evidence many people seem to want! It seems to me that lots of people just want to pull mediums apart rather than hear what they have to say, which is sad. People do need to send the medium love when they are working too but then maybe those people need to love themselves too. I applaud what you have so eloquently written! Cheryl turtlemoon medium with 30 Years exp.

  5. I find it sad that many members of the major religons have so much problem with mediums. After all these people worship someone who 'came back from the dead' They all 'converse' with angels. They all believe in the devil and the power of negativity. Why don't those same people give some respect to mediums and the positive side of spiritualism? After all in one context believing in the devil is believing in spirit. It is a shame that in the name of their religon they can't find it in themselves to repespect those who walk the Spiritual path?
    I am not a medium, but a healer and so far, I've been fortunate that those who have opened discussions with me, have been fair and open. They'd tell me thay are not convinced, but always accepted my thanks for taking the time to listen.
    I also think, for many people it is far easier to blame the medium than to accept that the spirit they want to connect with, may... just not want to communicate with them.
    Walk softly.