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Connections With Spirit is owned by Margaret West, a lady of many talents. You can find her website here At Connections with spirit, we offer you training in many different practitioner courses and also many other metaphysical studies. The workshops are designed to not only enlighten you, but also to financially help those she considers are voiceless, with profits from the workshops. Margaret works full time as an alternative Therapist, and this she considers is her income to pay the bills. Profit from the workshops, after paying the facilitators etc, is donated. The prices for our workshops are reasonable and competitive, and we like to think that we give each one our personal touch of beauty and laughter. Cake is always on offer at lunchtimes, as we feel no one should learn without a good slice of cake to fortify them!! We use a few facilitators, who are excellent in their field, but mainly Margaret does all the teaching. So you can be assured that the quality of our courses are always top notch.We also have stalls at the workshops where you can buy beautiful jewellery and Holistic Crystal pendants, which Margaret makes herself. Each pendant is an active crystal that will help with various conditions of the mind, body and spirit.Emma King is Connections with spirit's event manager, events organiser and Personal Assistant to Margaret West. She will be your main port of call for any questions you have or booking details that you may need for any workshops or development circles. Please do add Emma Reiki King and Margaret West to your facebook/twitter friends list to keep up to date with all the workshops and news. We promise not to bother you unless you contact us first for information. Emma's email is connectionswithspiritworkshops(at)hotmail(dot)comWe like to be interactive with students and people, so do feel free to leave any feedback about circles or workshops you have attended. Or just pop by and say hello or ask a question. We will always try to reply promptly.

Friday, 28 January 2011


In an earlier post I spoke about Malice. Do people get pay back from a higher source, for the bad things they do in life? Below is a comment from Carole Owens I thought it really hit the nail on the head. Who else thinks this way, if not, how do you feel about it?

Each of us gets to make a decision in how our lives will go. Good or bad. Every deed and word sets a chain of events in motion. Like a drop of rain in a lake the ripples reach out and affect our lives. This is your message to the world about how you live your life . Sometimes you try very hard to do the right thing in the hope that the ripples will be kind and soothing. Sometimes you hope that they may inspire or deter some one else. Be patient and you will see a result. Eventually the ripple runs out of energy and it will be someone else’s turn to energise it.

I believe that if you send out positive ripples they will be returned to you. By the same token if you make a conscious decision to act negatively, this too will come back to you in kind. Now with every one sending out ripples you are bound to run into other peoples tidal waves from time to time. That’s just life. You might think you don't deserve the good/bad luck that you receive, but I think that your own wave will eventually return. The Malicious person will eventually get theirs. Not necessarily Malice returned, maybe a kindness that changes them.
The universe knows what you really need and it will send it to you.


  1. Well I strongly believe that what you do in this life you will get payback for in the afterlife. But on the other hand I also believe that you can change that course by being truely sorry for your actions and prove it by being a better and much nicer person. I've done some things in my life that I really regret and hope that the path I have taken will help me lose some of the payback I may be due in the afterlife.

  2. May your waves be gentle. I hope you I right, I dont think being sorry and regret changes any thing, once the wave has started it is impossible to stop its progress and that may well change your life.I think the payback comes in this life because even if you set out harm others that instantly changes all relationships and how others percieve you as a person, but especialy how you see yourself. forgiving yourself is sometimes the hardest thing to do if you are truly sorry and easy if you are not.Only your future actions will measure your regret and history judge you.