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Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Despair from a spiritual definition is where a consciousness chooses its self into a corner where no matter what decision is made, the end result is non-movement in the soul's evolution.

It is important to stop the negative thoughts through meditation or another physical/soulful process. There are no standard processes as each of you are unique representations of your soul.

Look despair in the face & consciously decide to make different choices. It will not be easy. Many linear (inappropriate) things will fall away. The goal is to jump start the soul energy. By doing so, a new creative opportunity will become available.


  1. We all deal with dispair at some time in our lives but untill you look back, sometimes a long while after, it is difficult to see how you have come out the other side in one piece. I think for me it is important to have a short time to lick my wounds and replay the situation untill i have found a comfortable way to remember.I Imagin putting that memory in a box, putting on its lid and keeping it safe, when i go back to the box the memory is a safe one that no longer hurts.
    One of my favourit quotes is "to thine own self be true" we are our own judges so to know that we have done our very best is essential for our own sanity, nothing eats away at a soul, if there is such a thing, as guilt.Try to forgive yourself for not behaving as you would have liked The next step is to accept that your original plan may no longer be viable and set your sights on a smaller achievable goal. I like to bake, I know what will come out of the oven and that gives me comfort.
    This probably seems trivial in the face of Loss, grief and terror but unless we manage the trivial choices we will be unable to have the strength to face the tough ones . My Mum always taught me , if your body is troubled exocise your mind, If your mind is weary keep your hands busy and she always seems to be right. Take pleasure in your small successes they will give you hope. This doesnt sound very spiritual at all does it? Maybe i am just a bit more earthly?

  2. Actually it does sound spiritual smockturtle. We all do the thing that help us and others the most, to get through the bad times. Margaret has a saying (you have probably heard her say it if you know her well lol)what doesnt nurture the spirit, let it go. Advice I took and board and use to this day

  3. Sometimes, when you are low you have to find away to piuck yourself up, otherwise you might sink forever. That is a scarey thought.

  4. To me despair is akin to depression, being in a deep dark void and not knowing if you'll ever reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Thankfully I've almost reached that light, and just hope I never ever get that way again. What helped me,(apart from myself), was going to my development circle and church which gave me the spiritual comfort I needed to help me through. Thanx Maggie you're a star xx