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Friday, 15 October 2010

Spiritual Possession

Many of us at some stage in our lives have felt or feared what we might believe is an evil spiritual presence. I have to say in my experience, most of the time they are mistaken. The usual cause is our own fears of the unknown. What people usually experience is their own spirit guide or loved one in spirit who has come for a visit. The feelings spirit give off at times can produce a number of sensations that can cause fear. That’s why I believe sometimes if you feel these sensations strongly it’s a good idea to do a Psychic Development course to understand what is happening. Once you understand the sensations and how spirit use their energies to communicate, you will find you have nothing to be fearful about. But, in saying that, everyone has their own natural in-built fears and caution of the unknown that can sometimes get the better of them. It stems from instinctual self preservation and also partly comes from our own beliefs concerning spiritual matters.

Here is how it works.

Spirit people blend their energies within our aura. This can cause you feel all sorts of strange sensations. Tingling on your face or body, the hairs on the back of your necks stand on end, along with goose bumps and cold shivers down your spine. Now many of these sensations are associated with fear, but let me tell you that true spiritual attacks or hauntings are very rare. You can read another article on this website about hauntings. Years ago, people suffering from mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and split personality disorders were said to be possessed by Demonic forces. Hence how the word ‘possession ‘came about. Nowadays, medical science recognises that these illnesses do exist and are just disturbances of the mind. However I do need to add it is possible, to those who are spiritually aware, to experience a mild to quite severe spiritual attacks or unnerving experiences carried out on them by a spirit who is either cloaked in their own darkness (hell of their own making)or they are lost souls seeking help. These can be malignant spirit people and are often themselves in a confused and disturbed state of mind.

I know a lot of people believe that when you pass into the next world you go into a beautiful light. That is mostly true. But some don’t. Usually those who feel that they have unfinished business or are not at peace enough to let their earthly ties go. Sometimes spirit people get stranded because they died very traumatically and on a very rare occasion, they don’t fully realise that they have died.

In the worst case scenario, vulnerable people can be over shadowed by a spirit person giving the feeling they are being Demonic Possessed, this is however very rare. Demonic possession to all intents and purposes is the ability for a bad spirit to have an effect on an individuals mind. This can vary from mild sensations to a spirit being able to over shadow to the extent of taking control of the mind for a tim,but But the body.

So let’s discuss possession of a sort.

Under normal circumstances Spirit do not have an ability to possess us whether they be of a good or bad in nature. A spirit CANNOT enter within the body of a mortal and they are not therefore able to take physical possession of our bodies or minds. Spirit is solid too and because we are spirit within, we are solid to them. Mortals are extremely dense compared to spirit so there is virtually no way in which spirit can have any physical effect on or within us. HOWEVER, there are ways in which spirit can fool us into believing they are having a physical effect on us. Hence those who believe they are possessed.

A Spirit person can over shadow the mind allowing them to mentally manifest within. This is known as Trance, a form of clairvoyance. Let me stress, unless the medium allows it, the spirit person CANNOT enter the body. All they are doing is attuning their energy to the mediums aura. That way they can link and impose their mind. Mediums have excellent spirit guides that work with them, sometimes due to this close bond of trust, a medium will give over both their mind and body to be used. But this technique is rare. It means blending fully with a spirit person. Sharing your conciousness with them. Not everyone can do this. It is usually only done for guides who come through to give inspirational words or healing for beneficial purposes and under tightly controlled situations. If someone untrained does this, without their guides help, it is possible for a spirit with evil intent to push them to do something not very nice. This usually happens to the vulnerable and unstable. They have their own free will still, they are not being taken over. They are choosing to listen to this spirit person. This would obviously be a very frightening and disturbing experience to go through and to be faced with it would probably cause the victim to become very withdrawn and closed off, often feeling unable to turn to anyone who understands and believes what they are going through. Again, I reiterate, this is very rare.

Malignant spirit prey on your own fears, making you open and susceptible to their influences. Fear takes us to a more negative spiritual vibration, as fear itself is a negative vibration. The best defence is to keep a positive mind, therefore raising your vibration above theirs. Surround yourselves with a bubble of protective light to cast out and keep any negative influences away.
Fears are fuelled by superstitions that advocate the existence of evil such as demons and the devil. Most mediums are aware that yes there are those in spirit who are lost or cloaked in their own dark misery, but these are not demons they are human souls. Hell exists within our own mind. No-one is denyed transition into spirit, but there are lower planes within spirit for those who need to learn lessons so that they may cast off their darkness and move on to higher planes of light. So it is important if we become awoken to spirit that we learn how to protect and shut ourselves down properly to avoid this conflict that might occur.

In my next post I'll talk about how to protect yourself from spiritual occurances that your uncomfortable with.


  1. What an interesting read, can't wait for the follow up. Since I joined a developement circle my fear of the unknown has diminished one heck of a lot. And with further learning I hope it will go completely. But what a wonderful experiance it must be to play 'host' for a spirit even for a little while

  2. This is all very interesting by very spooky!!

  3. Hi, You don't know how helpful that post was in validating my experience!
    I have had painful intrusion into my mind every day for ten years. I have come through schizophrenia after excessive use of cannabis and now am left with this reamining condition - that the doc calls psychosis (becasue he absolutely claims that there is no sixth sense).
    Thank you so much for this. You don't know what it means! I have written a hundred or so posts on my blog describing and defending what happens to me, as well as offering tips for anyone else in this "very rare" position you describe, of harmful overshadowing. I am seeing someone next week who may be able to help me (shamanic tradition).

    Thank you so much. I will be folowing your blog!

    Yours anonymously,

    Mr S