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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Ghosts and Spirits

Many people ask me what's the difference between ghosts and spirits. The simple answer is ghosts haunt, spirits help. Ghosts manifest from residual energy. You can't interact with them because it will be like trying to speak to an actor in a movie your watching. Its like an etheric play. An event in a persons life that's so traumatic they leave behind a blueprint of it that, which replays over again. This is why people say they see ghosts every night walking through a castle. 'The ghost stared straight ahead, didn't even look at me' that's what I usually hear. That's because they can't see/hear/feel you. Your not part of their event.
Spirits are people who have gone to the other side of life. BUT, I must stress, just because they have crossed over, it doesn't make them super hero's. Their personality doesn't change just because they've died. If they helped you in life with good advice, they will still do that spirit side. If they always steered you wrong, they will continue to do that from the other side. In my experience, spirit people come back with messages for their loved ones because they might be able to help, give comfort, release that person form their debilitating grief, Tell them 'I'm all right'. So many people ask me, is my mum, dad, etc all right? Of course they are. Once a person leaves the confines of physical life, they leave behind illness, disfigurement, or impairment in any way. It reminds me of a story Colin Fry once told. He had a son from spirit who came to speak to his mother and father. Whilst they understood the message, they didn't recognise the handsome, upright man. Colin said to the spirit man they don't know you. The man said they will know me like this. His image changed to that of a man with severe Downs syndrome. The parents then cried. They suddenly realised their son was was more than all right. His spirit was whole again.

When people lose a limb, many say they can still feel it. I believe this is because the spirit is still whole. What they feel is their spiritual self. People from all walks of life come to me. But they all leave with the same thought. Death is NOT the end. It's the beginning of a wondrous journey. The ones that suffer the most are those people left behind. In my 25 years experience, spirit people come back to try and ease that pain. To give evidence they are still around you.

So remember. Hold your loved ones close to your heart. Tell them you love them everyday. Don't wait untill it's too late and you have to come to someone like me to relay the message for you.


  1. This is a fascinating post, Margaret. Are you saying that "ghosts" are not actually full beings, just a sort of shadow left behind?

    This actually makes a lot of sense (if one is willing to make the first leap, namely that there's a non-material consciousness -- spirit, soul or whatever -- that endures when the physical body has worn away.


  2. Yes, Lisabet. Think of ghosts as people who perform in a movie. You can't interact with them, you can only watch as they relive moments from their lives. It is like an echo on a continuous loops. Whilst spirits are people who have left their earthly body, but are fully able to interact with the living.

  3. What a lovely post. I wonder how many people read and get more understanding about the afterlife but don't leave comment.I know I find them very informative and comforting